PC & Device Security for Encryption Services, Enforce Zero Trust on all users, Remote Data Access Control Capabilities, Achieve Real-time Compliance, Automatic Threat Response Intelligence, Protect All Devices and Business Critical Data.  

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We consider how prepared your organisation is and then look at areas that require improvement. Our specialists will make it possible for you to manage your security breach response on-site and remotely. Our experts will assist with the appropriate level of system defense to monitor threats and detect them along with the introduction of the right rules. We will collect evidence and provide plans linked to communicating and notifying of any breach while ensuring you comply with regulations that affect your breach management.


We will provide training and awareness to ensure that your staff is capable of handling a data breach.

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Our computer forensics is an application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. Our forensics experts assist in the investigation of crimes and cyber security incidents. In many cases, we work to recover hidden, encrypted, or deleted information related to the case.


We will safeguard the integrity of data by following a chain of custody that ensures its admissibility in court.


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Application testing ensures each aspect of your software application: functioning, integrations, security, usability, and performance is defect-free and fully compliant with its requirements.

  • Functionality Validation

  • Integration Validation 

  • Performance Validation 

  • Usability Validation

  • Security Validation 

Web Applications

Our test engineers can ensure your web application lives up to its requirements. We pay special attention to the apps:

  • Smooth functioning and integrations with other applications.

  • Cross-browser compatibility & localization.

  • Performance under planned & stress load, unstable internet connection.

  • General data security requirements (for example, implied by GDPR, POPIA) and specific compliance standards (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, etc).

Mobile Applications

Our team can efficiently manage mobile testing specifics implied by:

  • Target operating systems, their versions, and device fragmentation.

  • Mobile interruptions (e.g., a dead battery, calls, texts, & push notifications).

  • Integrations with built-in mobile features (e.g., a camera & a GPS chip).

  • Security standards.  Mobile Application Security Verification Standards.

  • Usability requirements (e.g., based on mobile application design guidelines and user interface kits. l Design for Android and Human Interface Guidelines for iOS).