Transform the way your organisation understand, mitigates, and communicates cyber security risk to your board, employees, and vendors with a security scorecard.

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To truly understand your exposure, you need to obtain an accurate picture of your information technology 

environment. Once you identify your organisation's biggest threats, you can prioritize remediation.

  • Discover Assets

  • Verify Your Footprint

  • Move Against Threats

Instantly evaluate risk

The beginning of your journey to an optimized security posture starts with understanding your security rating.

Gain full visibility and transparency

With your scorecard in hand, you can review the attributed assets that make up your digital estate and identify shadow IT assets.


Stand out from the competitors

Knowing how your rating compares to others in your industry helps you understand which risk factors are common in your market segment as well as your own organisation's gaps.

Scale your resources

Our Security Score integrates with the security tools you already have, making it easy to turn insights into actionable workflows.

Stay business aligned

Data risk is a top concern for most executives and boards today. Report progress on internal initiatives and third-party risk to help executive stakeholders align the business and the security strategy.


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To obtain a complete picture of your cyber risk exposure requires visibility into all of your vendors and partner's risk. Rate and evaluate the security posture of any entity on demand so you can operate at scale.

  • Continuously Monitor

  • Enlist Support

  • Take Action

Know more about your vendors

Scale third-party risk management with continuous visibility across your entire vendor ecosystem. 

Drive vendor engagement

Collaborate easily with introductory email templates and automated workflows. 

Collaborate seamlessly

Eliminate any confusion around goals and expectations. Within our Security Score card Ratings, you can set both a score and a due date for a third party to achieve. 

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Leaders need timely, accurate information to make informed decisions. Show executives & boards how security initiatives are progressing so they can determine where further attention or investment is required.

  • Get Everyone on Board

  • Gain Meaningful Insights

  • Prove Compliance


Take proper action

Informed decision making with objective measurements around cyber risk.

Show your progress

Document progress across all ten risk factors affecting your total score.

Stay business aligned

Show executives how security initiatives align with financial and operational priorities with out-of-the-box reports.

Interpret your rating

Inform executives and boards members on the security performance of you third parties and how they are impacting your own enterprises risk exposure.

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Access the real-time data and analytics you need to win in a dynamic cyber insurance market. Ironvault helps brokers, insurers, and reinsurers work with stakeholders to identify risk mitigation strategies.

  • Make Better Decisions

  • Streamline Workflows

  • Satisfy Your Customers

Simplify exposure analysis

Easily understand and communicate the security posture of any policyholder or applicant. 

Access historical data

Access up to 12 months of trend data and audit logs of the issues that drive score changes.


Perform concentration analysis

Look at a portfolio of organisations and assess the level of accumulation risk that is present. 

Trust but verify

Create, manage, and send questionnaires to insureds during underwriting or before renewal to dive deeper into an organisation's security posture.


Plan remediation 

Determine the risk mitigation strategies that will lead to the greatest improvements in an applicant's or policyholder's insurability.

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Assess your entity's cyber security posture on demand & remediate potential deal-altering cyber security issues so you can protect your investments, aid vendor selection, & avoid business interruptions.

  • Accelerate Deal Closures

  • Manage Portfolio Risk

  • Report to Executives & Boards

Secure your ecosystem

Continuously scan your digital footprint to keep up with emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Prioritize risk

Tackle the most pressing areas of risk with automatically generated score improvement plans.

Rate any entity on demand

Understand your acquisition target's security and its third-party risk management (TPRM) practices with an instant rating.

Drive collaboration

Use our co-branded and template outreach emails to invite M&A targets for easy collaboration around important security issues. 

Continuously track compliance

Meet mission-critical regulatory requirements by continuously monitoring your compliance posture

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Continuously track current and private-sector mandates, and detect potential compliance gaps.

  • Avoid Regulatory Penalties

  • Protect Sensitive Data

  • Build Trust Among Customers, Partners, and Investors

  • Qualify for New Business 

Ensure vendor compliance

Invite vendors to collaborate around key security and compliance issues with our co-branded outreach emails.

Demonstrate adherence to industry mandates

Vendors and vendor risk managers can use the Evidence Locker to store compliance documentation and display certification badges for quick identification. 

Accelerate security assessments

Leverage Ironvault's Assessments to streamline the exchange of compliance questionnaires instead of manually exchanging emails and spreadsheets. 

Report compliance posture effectively

Help executives and boards understand your company’s compliance posture and follow trends with intuitive high level reporting. 

Integrate your compliance stack

Integrate with other GRC tools so you can turne those findings into actionable workflows.

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